Our purpose: make you stand out with our colourful and original luxury scarves and squares

Our purpose: make you stand out

The French Dandy is a collection of colourful and original luxury squares and scarves. They are designed for you, the elegant modern men and women who love dressing up in a classy way but with a touch of originality.

Bufanda de seda rosa y turquesa peranakan
Woman in black wearing a colorful designer silk square

Our creations can be styled by both men and women

Our values

Our values

Our designs are digitally printed on a 14mm silk twill fabric we directly source in Zhejiang where silk has been cultivated since 3,000 BC. They are finished and hand rolled locally benefiting from unmatched know-how. Our manufacturing partner has a long history in the industry and is a supplier for the most prominent fashion brands.
Silk scarves being printed
Our silk fabric being printed
Silk scarves being hand made
Unlike the vast majority of garments, our silk scarves are hand hemmed


Every creation is designed in France and tells a unique story by taking inspiration in art, history and cultural symbols from around the world.


Colour has a direct impact on our mood and our soul. Why always settle for white and black? Let’s be daring and creative, because after all we only live once!
Large designer pink, teal and orange silk square with frogs, flowers and butterflies
Peranakan ceramic plate with pink and teal design

Inspired by the culture of Malaysia’s Chinese community, our Peranakan squares are a good example of how we like to mix cultural influences and colorful designs

Silk being one of the most durable fabrics you are sure to keep your square or scarf for many years. Forget trends and fast fashion, go for quality and uniqueness.
The French Dandy was born of a dialogue with fashion lovers from across the world and will continue to be based on collaboration. @thefrenchdandyofficial, you are more than welcome to share ideas for a design you would like to see, your latest scarf look or ask for fashion advices on how to style an accessory.
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The French Dandy – Luxury silk squares and scarves


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