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This design was inspired by Peranakan culture also known as Baba-Nyonya culture. Peranakans, are an ethnic group descending from Chinese merchants that settled in Malaysia from the 15th century, notably in the British colonies of Singapore, Malacca and Penang.

Though retaining a strong Chinese culture, they adopted local traditions and were also influenced by Portuguese, Dutch and British settlers. They developed a unique art style using bright colours such as pink or teal to paint floral and animal patterns, something which can notably be observed in their ceramics.

Our squares are all hand rolled and made of the highest grade quality silk twill (6A grade silk). They are available in 45x45cm (to be used as pocket squares or bandanas) and in 90x90cm (to be worn as scarves or shawls).

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45x45cm – Pocket Square, 90x90cm – Square

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The French Dandy – Luxury silk squares and scarves
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